Wingmom FAQ’s

What's Wingmom about?
After discovering a secret burner phone, Sophie’s perfect life in San Francisco unravels like a cheap sweater. Hanging on by a thread, Sophie teams up with her nutcase detective mother, Skye. Together, Sophie’s business savvy and Skye’s street smarts might be a stroke of magic, or a curse. They could get killed, assuming they don’t kill each other first. When Sophie gets close to Lucas, her sexy workplace adversary, she realizes he’s either “the one,” or the one trying to kill her. A desperate journey teaches Sophie something greater than anything learned on the job: some need a wingman, but for Sophie, finding safety, love and herself may take nothing short of her wacky wingmom.

When will Wingmom be released?
That's a really good question. I've now finished a series of edits based on editor and agent feedback, so I'm getting close. However, I'm waiting on some "advanced copy" readers (or beta readers) to see what they have to say. I'll incorporate their feedback, and then I'm planning to pitch the book at the upcoming conferences in October and November. I've had editors from Random House, HarperCollins and St. Martin's Press all request the full manuscript with great interest. However, I need to find an agent first. I'm very fortunate to have an agent's offer for representation on the table. However, this particular agent doesn't have any clients with the big five publishers, so I'm currently hoping to find an agent with those relationships and shoot for the moon. Fingers crossed! If and when a publisher buys my book, it's usually at least a year before it goes to market. So Wingmom has ways to go. Sigh.

That's a long time. So now what?
Well, right now I'm about 1/3 of the way through book two. That means once the first book comes out, the second can be released relatively quickly. I'm also in the marketing trenches now, which takes awhile, too. I'm going to start writing some short stories and posting them on this website so readers can get a sense of what the book series is going to be like.

How can I stay updated?
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  1. I like it lots good luck love now and always your sister xxxxoooo

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