My Real Mom: Wingmom’s Inspiration

No, my real mom, Elaina, isn't nearly as out there and crazy as Skye. But she is the inspiration behind Skye's character, as she's lovable, crazy in a fun way and zany. Elaina:

  1. Really has third-eye glasses with a blinking center.
  2. Used to scare potential boyfriends away with her 5 foot high pyramid of 2x4s she used for meditating.
  3. Has really coined several of the LOL lines in the book.
  4. Has really been married a bunch of times, and has now found the love of her life at 70, who she's most definitely NOT marrying. 🙂
  5. Has actually has helped police before on different cases.
  6. Has no problem with embarrassing the crap out of me.
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