Cutting Chords



(RWA's Virginia Chapter Award)

After a failed recording deal set her dad into an alcoholic spiral a decade ago, 32-year old Lauren Cole stopped playing music and started playing it safe. She married her high school sweetheart, had a baby, and became an accountant. But last year, her safety net broke when her husband cheated and left.

When Lauren reconnects with Will Evans, her high school choir buddy, she learns he’s now a musician, seven years sober. Their old friendship ignites a fiery attraction, but they’re both bound by their pasts. Lauren can’t trust Will. Years ago, he fell into the musician lifestyle, drinking too much, just like her father. But when Lauren’s musical prodigy son Noah becomes Will’s best guitar buddy, she’s lured back into the life she fought so desperately to escape.

When Lauren and Will: when they sing together, it's perfect harmony, just like their budding love. But if they can’t cut the cords that bind them, they will be ripped apart forever.

Coming soon!

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