Cutting Chords



(RWA's Virginia Chapter Award)

Licking the wounds of her ex-husband's infidelity, Lauren’s now a single mother who must be a rock for her prodigy son. She reconnects with Will, an old high school choir buddy and hires him for guitar lessons. Lauren's sister's wedding is two months away, and her father, who would've accompanied her singing, has recently passed. Lauren wants to play in honor of his memory and make her sister's big day special.

Lauren and Will’s old friendship ignites a fiery attraction, and when she asks him to sing her one of his songs, his voice and melody strike a chord deep within her. His lyrics lead her to believe that he’s heartbroken too.

With a secret that could tear her world apart, Lauren can't be in a relationship right now. Will has a secret of his own and is in no place for a relationship either. Fate may have other plans for Lauren and Will: when they sing together, it's perfect harmony, just like their budding love. But if they can’t cut the cords that bind them, they will be ripped apart forever.

Coming soon!

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