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Check out my darker Romantic Women's Fiction novels that are in the works!



Licking the wounds of her ex-husband's infidelity, Lauren’s now a single mother who must be a rock for her prodigy son. She reconnects with Will, an old high school choir buddy and hires him for guitar lessons. A fiery attraction ignites, and when Lauren asks Will to sing her one of his songs, his voice and melody strike a chord deep within her. His lyrics lead her to believe that he’s heartbroken too.

With a secret that could tear her world apart, Lauren can't be in a relationship right now. Will has a secret of his own: the song he sang is really about his alcohol addiction, not a woman. A long-time AA member, he’s had a recent slip, and is in no place for a relationship either.

Fate may have other plans for Lauren and Justice: when they sing together, it's perfect harmony, just like their budding love. But if they can’t cut the cords that bind them, they will be ripped apart forever.




Lexie’s world shatters when her scientist husband, James, died mysteriously fighting an outbreak on a remote island. The stress of the grisly news puts her high-risk IVF pregnancy in jeopardy...and when Grant, her playboy brother-in-law, steps in to give her a helping hand, her loyalties are tested.

Lexie knows it’s wrong to be comforted by Grant’s touch. Grant knows it’s wrong to want his dead brother’s wife. But as they begin to unravel James’ dark secrets, the bond they feel is undeniably right.

Lexie and Grant’s lives are forever altered when they discover James had accidentally infected himself with the Zika-like, fetal-deforming virus he was studying right before Lexie’s IVF treatment. Baby Harper could be born with life-threatening deformities. But that's not the only dark secret James had.

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