Flash Fiction: Lucky Find

When Army vet Haddie loses her lucky rabbit's foot, she realizes she still suffering from PTSD. But even lost, her foot still just might bring her luck. Word Limit: 1000 Keywords: Rabbit, Dancing Genre: Romance * * * An explosion. I want to drop to the ground, but I can’t. I’m sandwiched in a crowd of gyrating bodies. After my vision...
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Driving Daisy: NYC Midnight Entry

Lucy fights to save her daughter’s life by jumping into the back of a delivery truck. But a mother’s love might not be quite what it seems. This is my second-round entry for the NYC Midnight 2018 short story contest. The restrictions were: Heat #6 Maximum Words: 2000 Genre: Action/Adventure Prompts: Delivery Driver, Animal Rights *** They took my daughter. The delivery truck...
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Flash Fiction: Stealing Elvis

After her flight to Mesquite, Nevada for her best friend’s wedding, Claire’s luggage is lost. She’s without her bridesmaid “dress,” and desperate times call for desperate measures. For this Flash Fiction, the restrictions were: Maximum Words: 1000 Genre: Crime Caper Prompts: Skydiving, Casino Croupier *** The ultimate ugly bridesmaid dress: an Elvis costume. Worn while skydiving. Yes, my best friend Alicia...
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WHEN PIGS FLY: NYC Midnight Contest Entry


FIRST PLACE WINNER When Jay cuts funding to Cassie’s wildlife rescue clinic, imminent closure threatens the hospital she built with blood, sweat and tears. After a war of the words, a betrayal of Hammy the pig, and an effort to save an orphaned chipmunk, Cassie and Jay realize the animals might not...
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