Beloved Betrayal

When Rya serves a battle prisoner his final meal, is his shocking refusal an act of love or betrayal? Heat: 12 | Genre: Romance | Prompts: Meatball, An Unpaved Road As I step into his dark cell, the stench strikes like a blow. I lift my torch to see him. Under chains, the sinews of his wrists...
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The Limp For The Cure

I’ve jogged before. Once. In my early twenties when my best friend, Rockette, convinced me it’d get me in bikini shape in thirty days. Hey, Rockette had a killer bod with D cups, so I figured she was a reliable source. She wasn’t. Much later, I found out her boobs were...
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The Well Or The Spell?

Heat: 12 Genre: Fairy Tale Max Words: 1000 Words Keywords: Observation Deck, Kaleidoscope When Lord Rylor tries to behead a traitor, he discovers a truth that forces him to see the power of fear and the wickedness it brings. *** Read more

Short Story: The Naked Hurricane

When Lacy ends up in a heart-to-heart talk with the hired Chippendale at her bachelorette party, she wonders if she's having more than cold feet. Word Count Limit: 2000 Keywords: Hurricane, Fountain Genre: Romantic Comedy *** A freaking Chippendale. My sister Becca hired one, and he’s shaking his baby-oiled buns of steel in my face. I put up a palm...
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